Relying on the professional assistance of qualified and experienced staff and helped by a high technological and computerization level, today Framon is an important company.

For 40 years it has been on the market as a manufacturing company of non-ferrous casting components for the furniture and lighting industry. It has a series of catalogues with about 10.000 articles; a very good part of them is available in the warehouse. Furthermore, it realizes components by the customer's request, exclusively and with the utmost respect for the privacy.

Framon is a very versatile "foundry" that makes use of some of the most important technologies of transformation of the raw materials, such as die-casting, shell casting with and without core, hot stamping, and that uses aluminium, brass, zama and some types of plastic materials.

With the support of an internal designer and qualified technicians, today Framon is able to conceive, propose and develop new articles starting with the realization of drawings and possible prototypes, creating projects and stamps, up to the concrete manufacturing.

The company is extremely flexible as it is able to perform every kind of mechanical processing on the castings using technological advanced and continually renewed machinery like transfers, lathes CN and machining centers.

Framon proposes its articles with a surface finishing at the first step of bolting and sandblasting. On specific demand, with the help of a well-organized local craftsmanship, can also be provided the material with the superficial finishing required by the customer.

Tradition and innovation, quality and competitiveness of the product, entrepreneurial ability and reliability make Framon to be an important partner for all the companies working in the lighting and furniture industry. The success of Framon is the capability to accept the challenge of the market maintaining during the years the fidelity to a working culture based on seriousness, constant inventive effort and careful technological updating.


The stages of our history

  1. 1930

    Antonio Montini founds in Lumezzane the company Montini Antonio & figli (Montini Antonio & sons), for the production of household goods.

  2. 1963

    It is open the die casting and mechanic processing department for the production of lighting internal brass components.

  3. 1973

    The Montini brothers, sensitive to the new industrial concepts, transform the company in Framon S.p.A. (join stock company), with new technologies.

  4. 1986

    The increasing demand of lighting products, lets the company to enlarge the spaces with the start of the die casting and mechanic processing department for the production of external lighting components.

  5. 1995

    Birth of the moulding department for plastic accessories and lighting components, with the aim to increase the services.

  6. 1999

    Due to the need of further spaces, it is open a new central warehouse for semi-finished products in Rovato, close to the speedway A4 Milan /Venice. Considering the needs of the abroad markets, an organizational effort let us obtain the Certificate ISO 9001.

  7. 2000

    The foundry Recrosio, one of the main company of the sector, is bought, due to the increase of the value of the lighting components.

  8. 2008

    In order to satisfy in a complete way the needs of the market, Framon chooses to enlarge its product range with external fi nished and cabled goods of aluminium and brass products and other cast iron items.

  9. 2009

    A great logistic revolution: the warehouse is moved to Lumezzane in a totally automatized area, in order to make quicker and more efficient the passage of the product to the customer.

  10. 2010

    There is a new communication strategy with a mid-long term vision. The brand is subjected to a radical restyling with a total renovation of the promotion and marketing supports, made in a different way for the different abroad markets.

  11. 2012

    Our activity goes ahead with the progressive and constant evolution. To the fi nished classical range product, there is the addition of a range of fi nished "technical" goods, with an always more refined, using the led technologies.

  12. 2016

    Thanks to the continuous increase and in order to meet the new and different market needs, Framon starts a policy of acquisition of company branches, with the annexation of historical brands of the sector.